Equipment / Infrastructure Grants


WEES periodically offers competitive grants for the purchase of instrumentation, equipment, infrastructure or major software licenses needed to enable UA researchers to be more competitive in applying for major grants and to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborations. This could include investment needed to generate data, conduct pilot projects, increase computing capabilities through software or hardware acquisition, or other related expenditures, but does not include personnel costs.

Terms And Conditions

  • Equipment/infrastructure must serve an interdisciplinary group of researchers and multiple users in a shared facility, and benefit students and post-docs.
  • Priority will be given to purchases having matching funding.
  • Maximum award amounts will be $100K.
  • Equipment must be guaranteed to be delivered by March 31, 2015 (i.e. no backorders!) to ensure all funds are expended by then.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary review panel of the WEES UA Advisory Committee and/or other campus faculty and will be ranked by funding priority.
  • Initial awards will be announced in December 2015; additional awards may be made in spring 2016 if funding becomes available.


  • Individuals holding faculty rank, who have an appointment in the research scientist series of titles, or who have continuing or continuing-eligible status are eligible to apply.
  • Interdisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Research capability – how this purchase will benefit UA’s overall research enterprise and make proposals more competitive; whether the purchase is unique to campus or expands needed capacity; the value and application of the data to be generated by the equipment.
  • Support infrastructure – the plan for housing, operating, and maintaining the purchase 
  • Return on investment – intended outcomes from use of this purchase that will lead to high potential for research funding and external partnerships; specific major proposals that will be targeted as a result.
  • Relevance – purchase will be used to produce data that addresses water, environmental, and/or energy challenges relevant to Arizona.
  • Integration – priority will be given to purchases that could be used by multiple disciplines/departments at UA, involve at least two areas in the water-environment-energy nexus, and include partnerships (including matching funding) outside the UA.


  • Proposals are due: October 30, 2015.
  • Awards will announced in December 2015 (pending review by Office of Research and Discovery).
  • All funds must be expended by: March 31, 2016.

To Apply

Note: for increased security, you will need to create an account/log in to this site to be able to upload your application files. This will require entering a(ny) username and your email; you will instantly receive an email providing a password and access.

Prepare the following in a single PDF before linking to the Equipment Grant Application Form:

  • Internal and external PIs – list all departments and/or partners involved in the purchase and use of the equipment.
  • Request (1 page maximum) – describe the equipment to be purchased, the general research area(s) it will be used in, who will use it (including students and post-docs), the type of data it will produce, and why the investment is critical to this research area. 
  • Contribution to UA Research Capabilities (1 page maximum) – describe how this purchase will benefit UA’s overall research enterprise, make proposals more competitive, and/or foster new external partnerships. Include whether the purchase will add new capabilities or will replace outdated equipment, and if a replacement, whether old equipment will be taken off-line. Also address the value and application of the data to be generated by the equipment (a broader view than the previous section).
  • Support/Infrastructure – describe where the puchase will be housed and how it will be staffed (if relevant) (1 page maximum). Address how costs such as staffing, operating costs, maintenance costs, and/or any needed renovations to accommodate this purchase, if applicable, will be covered.
  • Return on investment – list specific major proposals that will be targeted as a result of this purchase.
  • Relevance to WEES (200 words) – describe how use of this equipment and the associated research will specifically benefit people and industry sectors in Arizona and help address key water, environment, and/or energy issues in the state. Also include any new jobs in Arizona that may be created through this purchase.
  • Lead PIs’ grant track record – include submittals and awards over the past 18 months.
  • Budget – itemize the amount you're requesting, the total cost of the equipment (if different), and financial contributions (distinguish pending requests and sources from firm commitments) from other UA or outside partners.
  • Timing – please estimate how much time it will take (weeks or months) to complete your purchase once funding is awarded. Request not funded in the initial round of awards could be funded later in the year if funding and timing works out.

Reporting Requirements

  • As a recipient of WEES funding, you will be required to respond to an annual survey that requests information on students funded, students engaged, publications, and other outcomes and accolades resulting from the purchase of this equipment. Additional reporting may be requested as needed to fully evauate ROI on this purchase.
  • Because we claim ROI for five years following WEES investments, we will expect you to continue to update us for five years after the purchase year.