Funding Opportunities


TRIF-WEES funds are used by University of Arizona to support a variety of internal grants, as described on University of Arizona Research Gateway web portal. These UA Research Advancement Grants are particularly geared toward enhancing cross-discipline collaboration and extramural competitive success. When applying through the Gateway, there will be an opportunity to indicate your project is in alignment with WEES programmatic investment areas. Indicating that you are linked to WEES will send your application through the WEES review process making your proposal competitive for TRIF-WEES funds. 

Research Advancement Grants with TRIF-WEES funding support:

CATEGORY 1: "Faculty Seed Grants"

CATEGORY 2: "Start for Success"

CATEGORY 3: "Accelerate for Success"

CATEGORY 4: "Core and Shared Equipment"


WEES Programmatic Investment Areas

TRIF-WEES funding through Research Advancement Grants may be applied to direct water, energy, or environmental research or to support aspects of interdisciplinary research aligned with the following WEES programmatic investment areas:

  • Water Security in Arid Environments
  • Energy Solutions
  • Ecosystems and Earth’s Biological Systems
  • Climate and the Earth System
  • Environmental Health/Pollution
  • Integrated Research and Data Systems